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Pop-up Classes, Workshops & More 

Every month Jai Dee offers a variety of Pop-up Classes and Workshops that allow clients to expand their practice in a comfortable, safe environment.  Spanning the gamut from restorative & yin yoga to advanced vinyasa practices, there is a pop-up class or workshop for everyone.  


April Fools' Day Yoga & Tarot 

Pop-Up Event

On Friday, April 1st, join us for a night for of pop-up yoga classes , New Moon Magic, and Tarot Readings with Heather Adams from @heightstarot. 


Heather will be offering new moon focused three-card readings guiding you on what can be phased out, what ideas are growing and where you should shine your light.

Readings begin at 7:30 after First Friday Flow continuing for an hour or so after New Moon Rebirth ends at 8:30. Suggested donation for reading $15 cash or Venmo. Regular class pricing for both yoga classes.

Learn more here.  Save your spot here

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First Friday Freestyle Flow
with Danielle 

Pop-Up Class 

In this all-levels practice, Danielle will lead students on a yoga journey to find their flow.  Using elements of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we will flow with intention and offer space to experience each pose to calm, strengthen, and ground your body, mind, and spirit.


Poses will be gentle and challenging, expressed with stable and centered energy. Danielle will show options and how to use props throughout the class allowing everyone to find their yoga flow.  

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New Moon Rebirth 
with Maxy

Pop-Up Class 

 Join us as we connect with the Dark of The Moon & honor our Shadow self with a Manifestation Meditation, Moon journaling intentions, and a Yin/Yang Flow. 

This class is open to everyone.  Props are available and pose modifications using them will be demonstrated allowing each student to experience the practice their body needs.  

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WSW Better Relationships Event .png


Wellness Skills Series: 
Building Better Relationships 


In this monthly workshop series, Lulu and Danielle bring their individual expertise together to create a unique experience where participants learn how to access and hone the personal wellness skills needed to thrive in our modern world. Practicing gentle, accessible yoga poses allows participants to put the concepts into action in the moment. 

April's session is focused on strategies that can help us build better relationship software all types--romantic, familial, platonic, and professional.  

Learn more here. Save your spot here


Reiki & Restore by Candlelight
with Crista 


 Bask in the glow of candlelight while nourishing your body and soul. In this workshop, Crista combines the peaceful relaxation of restorative yoga with the healing benefits of Reiki.

This class goes deeper into restorative poses allowing students to relax fully and find find peace and serenity in the moment. Hands on (or off) adjustments energized by the healing powers of reiki will be practiced throughout the session.  

Essential oils and other calming fragrances may be used.  All props needed will be available at the studio.

Learn more here.  Save your spot here

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Friday Turn Up Event .png


Friday Flow & Yoga Playtime 
with Danielle & Andrea 


Ready to take your practice to the next level and find out what a yoga badass you are? 

Join Danielle Sweet & Andrea Cheeks, a.k.a Sweet-Cheeks,  for an  intermediate vinyasa flow with options to try more challenging pose variations and transitions.  After building the heat, it's recess to Yoga Playtime.  Have fun while learning steps to help you achieve those advanced poses and transitions in a safe and supportive environment.  

This practice will end with a full body scan meditation and savasana.

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