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Upcoming Events & Workshops 

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End your work week and celebrate summer with this restorative yoga practice that will include the mindful enjoyment of wine and herbal tea as part of our practice.  Stay for a second round after class and enjoy the company of your fellow yogis.


Restorative yoga poses are designed to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system activating our natural "rest & digest" response. Dissolve tension, anxiety, and worry with the support of blocks, bolsters, and blankets. All poses will be seated or lying down.


We'll have our wine and/or herbal tea at our mats and take time to mindfully enjoy these libations.  Of course, you can opt out of the wine and tea if you want.  


Our practice will conclude with a relaxing body scan before savasana.  Stay for another round and enjoy the summer evening with our community of yogis. 


This pop-up class is $20 and includes wine (refreshing and summery white & rose) and herbal tea (no caffeine). Dress comfortable and bring water.  


Space is limited.  Book your spot today!!!!!


Deepen your yoga practice with Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep. Yoga Nidra takes the practitioner to a deeper state of consciousness through guided meditation.This is an ancient technique that is used in today’s world to increase relaxation, improve nervous system functioning, improve mood, as well as many other benefits.   This class will start with gentle floor stretches, but expect to stay still for the majority of class. Props will be provided for your comfort if desired.

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 About Us 

Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness in Seminole Heights offers unforgettable yoga experiences and massage therapy.  

Our focus is designed to be simple and effective while easing pain and enhancing mobility.



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