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Vinyasa &  Flow Yoga 

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing, dynamic yoga practice that fosters a sense of being present in the moment by connecting the breath with movement. This union created between our breath and movement helps engender a sense of balance in our body, mind, and spirit that students can take off their mats and out into the world.


Students can expect to be challenged in a vinyasa class, but easier modifications and use of yoga props are taught and encouraged during the class.

Slow Flow

This meditative style of yoga will allow you to find space through a gentle rhythm of movement. Using elements of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we will flow with intention and offer space to experience each pose to calm, strengthen, and ground your body, mind, and spirit.



Poses will be gentle and challenging, expressed with stable and centered energy. Emphasis will be placed on safe alignment and maintaining the balance and integrity of your breath.


This class is well suited for newer yogis and for those who desire cultivating a deep concentration within their practice. A guided meditation may be offered, and essential oils may be used.


Welcome to slowing down. 

Chakra Flow

Each week we will balance our chakras and purposefully activate internal energy flows using chakra-specific poses/flow and yogic breathing.


Two of the seven main chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and/or crown) will be focused on each week. Positive affirmations, mudras, and/or aromatherapy may be used to deepen the intention to create energetic balance within our bodies. This class is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the energetic components of yoga, yourself, and most importantly, to feel it in your body.

Chakra Yoga provides the space for wholistic wellness and the beautiful cultivation of conscious energy shifting. Enjoy ending your class with reiki-infused sacred sound healing integrations (may include crystal singing bowls, koshi chimes, tuning forks, Tibetan tingsha cymbals, and/or Tibetan singing bowls) during your savasana.

All levels welcome.





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