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About Us

Yoga for Everybody & Every Body 

Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness first opened its doors in 2008 and has been a fixture in the Seminole Heights community ever since.  We moved into our current location of Nebraska Ave in 2015.  Housed in a beautiful Japanese-style Florida Bungalow, our studio has a charm unique to the neighborhood and provides an oasis of peace in serenity in the heart of the city of Tampa.  

At Jai Dee Yoga & Wellness, it's our mission to help people feel better in their bodies right now.  Not when they've lost 15 pounds or when they have less on their plates or when their arthritis stops flaring up.  We teach people how to gently increase mobility, develop flexibility, and cultivate a sense of balance while providing modifications to adapt the yoga practice to their unique needs.  

We strive to be the most welcoming and approachable yoga studio in Tampa.  

The benefits of yoga are myriad. Modern sciences has elucidated the benefits of yoga that yogis have now about for over 5,000 years.  Most importantly, anyone regardless of age can find a yoga practice to fit their needs.  


The Jai Dee Difference

Our guiding principle is to strive for better not perfect.  We see the practice of yoga as a way to find more fulfillment in our day-to-day lives.  This may mean having the energy to walk the dog a block further, to have an easier time playing pickle ball, or reducing the effects of stress allowing for better sleep.  

Our classes are based in a traditional style of Hatha Yoga that is beginner-friendly and noncompetitive. We teach how to use yoga props to allow for differentiated instruction in each class.  This allows for everyone--from true beginners to seasoned practitioners to experience the practice they need in the same class. 

Our boutique studio provides smaller class with a low teacher-student ration that furthers our ability to differentiate instruction based on students needs.  

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