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Beginner Yoga 


Beginner Hatha Yoga is a perfect way to introduce or reconnect your mind, body, and spirit to the practice of yoga. This class provides an opportunity for those who are completely new to yoga or coming back to yoga to to reap yoga’s physical and mental benefits.  This is the perfect class for anyone who wants to go slow and learn how to make the practice fit the needs of their unique body.  


These classes will give you a chance to learn or re-learn the importance of:

  • conscious & balanced breathing, 

  • balancing your energy,

  • learning alignment cues and 

  • how to use yoga props to modify all poses for your unique needs.  


Most importantly, you will experience an opportunity to practice patience & compassion with yourself as your mind & body become more aware of each other.


Experience the magic created as you move with calmness, inner strength, and intention. This class offers the extra support and guidance you are looking for as you navigate through different postures, develop greater body & mind awareness, and build strength & flexibility.

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