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10 Ways to Survive Yoga Teacher Training

Are you considering yoga teacher training, but are unsure of what to expect? Having gone through two teacher training myself, and co-teaching several others, below are some insights to help you on your journey, and to make this the best experience of your life.

1. Always have a journal or notebook on hand. Whether or not you’re a notetaker, you will want to jot things down in order to refer back to them at a later point. Having a journal by your mat to write down certain phrasing or words that resonate with you will be helpful once you graduate and start teaching.

2. Put down the pen and paper from time to time, and just allow the whole experience of the training wash over you. Let go of any worry that you may not remember everything that has been taught. Embrace the present moment and sense of how the experience is impacting you. Trust that the information will be there, within you, when you need it.

3. Bring snacks! Teacher training can be long days with lots of physical, emotional and mental stimulation. Always have food on hand to keep you energized and refreshed.

4. Comfort is key. There are moments during teacher training where you will be sitting for long periods of time. Bring layers to ensure you stay warm. Sitting against a wall or with the support of bolsters and blankets is always a plus.

5. Self-care. Take time after your long day and weekends to decompress. Whether you go for a walk in nature, journal or binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix, take some time to get out of the yoga teacher training mindset. You’ll find that this helps reenergize you physically, emotionally and mentally.

6. Epsom salt baths…your body will thank you.

7. Be prepared to meet the most awesome people from all different walks of life. Yoga teacher training is a bonding experience. You will connect with like-minded individuals that you may never have met or gotten to know had you not signed up for training. Be prepared to form lasting friendships. Yoga teacher training is not just about learning to teach, it is also an opportunity to connect with others.

8. Smile and share. Teacher training is about self-discovery. We all have similar fears and worries. Teacher training is a safe place to share your questions, fears, and experience. You may discover something about yourself that you didn’t know while learning that you are not alone on this journey. Teacher training not only equips you with the tools to go out and teach, but it also equips you with the tools to connect with yourself.

9. Be open and let go of any expectations. This goes along with number 3 and self-discovery. Know that there will be moments during the teacher training that you don’t particularly like. Be okay with that and let it go. Yoga is about being in the present moment, welcoming in every experience or sensation, and allowing that experience to flow through you. Know that you will have the support of your teachers and fellow trainees to get you through any difficult moments.

10. Be prepared to be transformed. Whether or not you decide to teach afterward, yoga teacher training is such an amazing and life-changing experience.

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