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Tarot & The New Moon

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Jai Dee is excited to begin the month of April with a special New Moon & Tarot yoga event. On April Fools' Days, we'll be offering two pop-up yoga classes and the opportunity to have a tarot card reading from Heather Adams of @Heightstarot. Jai Dee owner and instructor Danielle Sweet sat down with Heather to find out how the tarot cards can be utilized to guide us on our journey through this next new moon cycle. Read on to find out more!!!

The new moon cycle is a time to replenish and restore your body, mind and spirit. Tarot is one way to help us reflect on forces and energies that pop up in all of our lives.

How can the tarot reading guide you as you enter this New Moon?

The new moon cycle is a time to replenish and restore your body, mind and spirit. Tarot is one way to help us reflect on forces and energies that pop up in all of our lives. The cards you pull will help you to narrow your focus on what areas are best to reflect upon for growth.

What’s the benefit of a three-card spread reading?

Though many might think of a ten card spread as the go-to type of spread, a three-card spread is also a common way to pull cards. The longer-form readings tend to cover a multitude of topics and questions, but can be a lot to take in. I find that a three card reading is a way to get an overview of some broader questions in a digestible way for these types of experiences.

I am available for more questions or a longer format if you would like one by reaching out to me on instagram @heightstarot or by emailing me at

What should people expect?

I will introduce myself and explain the reading. I will shuffle the deck and have you choose 3 cards that feel right. The questions we will focus on are:

1. What can I let fade out of my influence?

2. What should I focus on to begin/continue to grow?

3. What can I commit to creating in this cycle?

Each reading will last approximately 10-15 minutes.

What should people think when they see they’ve pulled a “bad” card?

In my practice, I don't feel that "bad" cards truly exist in the tarot. The reason I love the practice as much as I do is that the deck has such a beautiful, cyclical nature to the way it is created. The cards represent the complex situations that all people face in a lifetime. Each individual card has a number of different ways that it could be interpreted, ranging from more positive meanings or negative meanings. With that in mind, in the context of each reading and in connection with the other cards pulled, they can shed light on areas that might not serve us as well as they could. The New Moon is a wonderful time to stop and reflect on what might be best left behind this upcoming moon cycle.

How did you come to practice tarot?

My lifelong best friend picked up a tarot deck approximately 6 years ago, and immediately, I was surprised at how much sense the cards made to me as a powerful tool for reflection. I studied English in college and love art, so reading the symbolism of each card seemed to come naturally. I find the history fascinating, and love seeing how other artists depict them. My friend and I still enjoy learning about the practice and share all the best resources.

How do you use tarot to guide your everyday life?

In my personal practice, I view the cards more as a representative of current energies surrounding me. I use them as a reflective tool to help me learn from my mistakes, trust my gut, be grateful, or celebrate the fullness of my life- even when my logic or routine cloud my senses.

The evening will begin with First Friday Freestyle Flow with Danielle from 6:30-7:30 pm. Using elements of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we will flow with intention and offer space to experience each pose to calm, strengthen, and ground your body, mind, and spirit.

Poses will be gentle and challenging, expressed with stable and centered energy. Danielle will show options and how to use props throughout the class allowing everyone to find their yoga flow.

Connect with the lunar energy at New Moon Rebirth with Maxy from 8:30-9:30 pm. Maxy will lead you on a journey to connect with the Dark of The Moon & honor our Shadow self with a Manifestation Meditation, Moon journaling intentions, and a Yin/Yang Flow.

Heather will be offering readings beginning at 7:30. A donation of $15 is suggested for all readings. Let us know you'd like a reading here.


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