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Honoring the Opposites Within Us: Flow, Nidra, and Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Yoga teacher Caroline in Sukhasana on the Beach in the glowing sunlight.
Yoga Instructor & Author, Caroline

Once a month, at the studio where I teach, Jai Dee Yoga and Wellness, I partner with owner and very loved teacher, Danielle, for a special class that begins with an all levels flow, followed by a thirty minute or so yoga nidra, then a short crystal bowl sound bath at the end.

I love teaching this class, and I get excited for it every month. I love getting to participate in Danielle's asana practice, and then getting to guide the participants through a meditation while we are already riding the energetic wave of a yoga class. I love playing the bowls, and hearing about everyone's experience afterward. Each month, we have a theme, and the school teacher in me loves to draft and craft and tweak the yoga nidra script to match the theme.

This month, our theme is Honoring the Opposites Within Us. The Cancer in me is especially eager to pour my heart in to writing this month's nidra because the theme is inspired by the students at Jai Dee.

Danielle Standing in front of the Chakra Wall.
Jai Dee Owner & Yoga Teacher, Danielle

Danielle does an awesome job building community at Jai Dee. I have never been to a yoga studio that was more welcoming and less competitive. Teachers and students are kind, and open, and interested in each other. It is the norm for people to hang around in the lobby drinking tea and having easy conversation about whatever is going on the neighborhood before and after class. Students lead classes on special topics: handstands, book studies, crystals, and metaphysical groups.

Recently, a few of us were talking and joking about which side of our body was hurting worse, the left or the right, the feminine or masculine, and how to sit up after savasana if you wanted more energy for your day, or if you needed to relax. Later, when Danielle and I were brainstorming the theme for this month's class, we were reflecting on a class that one of the students led, and conversations with people around the studio, et voila! A theme was born.

Fireplace in the Lavender Room
Fireplace in the Lavender Room

I am so thankful for the open and beautiful people that make Jai Dee what it is, and the creativity that everything about this little studio drives in me. I hope you will join us as we honor the sun with an energizing flow practice, and cool down with a yoga nidra that honors the opposites that reside within us all.

Save your spot for this unique opportunity to move mindfully and connect with the opposites in you here!

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